Objectives & Functions

At our ministry, every unit and department is saddled with various objectives to ensure the smooth running of the ministry as we serve the public. 

Livestock Development

Formulation of policies on livestock resources, production and conservation.

Grazing Management

Rendering pastoral services, establishing grazing reserves, pasture and stock routes development.

Livestock Products

Promoting the development of livestock products and markets.

Livestock Agriculture

Overseeing the improvement of the productivity and output of all livestock species in the state.

Standard Operation

Developing and enforcing standard operation guidelines and rules in animal production and transportation.

Livestock Census

Initiating and maintaining regular livestock census, data bank and efficient livestock Market Information system (MIS) for all species of animal production.


Developing a comprehensive policy on breeding and genetics.

Economic Empowerment

Promoting the economic empowerment of pastoralists and other livestock farmers.

Conservation Programmes

Operating breeding and conservation centres in the State.

Animal Production

Manpower and vocational development in animal production and processing.

Feed Industry

Regulation of activities of the Feed industry in the State.

Hatchery Production

Initiating and maintaining operating standards for the hatcheries.

Animal Movement

Supervising the movement of animals within the State.

Livestock Registration

Registration of Livestock Farms, Hatcheries and Abattoirs in the State.

Improving Livestock Production

Collaborating with related bodies/agencies to improve livestock production in the State.